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Delight Depot Pop-Up Cards – Best Price Guaranteed

As owners of a new online gift shop, we often face with an age-old dilemma: how do we offer our products at the best price while not sacrificing their quality? There are established vendors of pop-up greeting cards out there who sell a card for up to $13. How on earth can Delight Depot offer a similar high quality item for much less? Here are our secret sauces:

1. Our mission is to bring premium products to you at the most competitive price. We believe in our products as they have brought delight to ourselves. If a unique pop-up card costs roughly as that of a cup of coffee, we figure more people would be able to share it with their loved ones. We are willing to optimize our costs in other areas to achieve that mission.

2. Our technology is optimized and scalable. Our in-house software engineer has been working hard to adapt open-source solution WooCommerce to fit the needs of our customized online gift shop. We don’t need to rent a store on other costly shared eCommerce platforms. That being said, we do not trade the security and stability of our solution for anything. Our customer data are securely stored on a scalable state-of-the-art dedicated server on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

3. Our business workflow is efficient and cost effective. We pay a fair wholesale price for our products, which are warehoused in Portland Oregon for quick dispatch within 24 hours and delivery to anywhere in the USA within 5 to 7 days. At this point, our products are sold exclusively on That means we are not paying fees to any other marketplaces and we have complete control on setting our prices. Other vendors who rely on other marketplaces to sell their products have to offload those fees to their customers (who may be you unfortunately) by increasing their prices.

4. Our online marketing plan is targeted. Instead of flooding the internet with ads of overpriced items, our goal is to gradually gain trust from our potential customers and organically find ourselves in top search engine results or in your social networks. That way, when you are delighted by your treasure finds on our shop, you know that the cost is justified.

Happy shopping!

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