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The true meaning of Delight and Depot

Today is a good day for some linguistic tidbits. Have you ever wondered what delight means? Does it have anything to do with prefix de (meaning from or off) and the word light?

The short answer is actually No. The word delight (verb and noun) comes from an old French term derived from Latin, delitier, which means to please greatly. In other words, we need to look at the word as a whole, as opposed to dissecting it to prefix ‘de’ and word ‘light’. Delight does not mean taking the light out. On the contrary, it means to shed light of joy and happiness.

And who could have guess, the word depot is also rooted in a French word, dépôt, meaning a deposit or a place of deposit. In English, it refers to a place like a store, warehouse, train, or bus station.

Now you know a bit more about the name of your favorite gift shop. At Delight Depot, our mission is to store joy and happiness in our warehouse and we are ready to transport it out to all of you. As icing on the delicious cake, we all can appreciate a short nickname of DeDe or better yet, DD.



More info: Delight Depot is a premium gift shop of 3D pop-up greeting cards and handmade quilling cards. Let us delight your special occasions.

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